My challenge with discipline

Most of the friends I've met know that I am a vegetarian. I do not eat meat. I still consume milk products and eggs but I have successfully omitted meat from my diet. It would seem rather normal now but my journey to vegetarianism was extremely challenging. Whenever someone asks for the reason as to [...]

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Is Santa Claus real?

In the midst of all the festive cheer, the golden question during Christmas will always remain... Is Santa Claus real? And no, this will not be the most difficult thing you have to tell your child. Kids are not that naive to think that a fat bearded man wearing a red suit could fly through [...]

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When we don’t hit 65….

At the beginning of this semester, we made a pact within the study group which essentially held all of us to the following: No one is to utter the notion of quitting no matter how tough it gets. Anyone who did not score above 65 for any TMA during the semester has to contribute at [...]

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Post-examination reflection

As my fellow bloggers have excitedly announced, we are finally done with our examinations. We are done with our first year. This semester was much more challenging and arduous. We were warned that this was going to be the most challenging semester of the whole of law school. So chin up, 1Ls! We made it [...]

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Law school ain’t all about studying…

Exams are FINALLY over! My preparation was punctuated by illness, work disruption and a whole load of other things but then I just realised that that is just life. Oh yes, to those who are coming in as 1Ls... welcome to our beloved law school! Welcome to four years of constant assignments and deadlines to [...]

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Post Examination Withdrawal Symptoms?

This is the first weekend in months that I am actually not cramming to finish either a TMA or revising for a TOA. All the nervous energy, the pressure, the anxieties about not being able to remember the principles, the rules, the articles, the adrenalin grinded to a halt. And it feels...weird. Almost a sense [...]

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My experience with Covid-19

Recently I tested positive for Covid-19 on the 23rd of October. It was a typical Saturday. I had gone to the gym in the morning with some friends from law school (yes we do have a group of us who are focused on keeping healthy and will exercise on Saturday mornings). I did not feel [...]

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Reservist (feat. COVID)

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a two weeks, serving my reservist duties while having TMAs due on both Sundays. I’m immensely grateful for community-powered Zoom sessions and late-night chats to push through. Maybe it’s because of last semester’s social work module, or maybe it’s because of this semester’s ethics module, but this cycle reminded [...]

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I have some friends who graduated from the SMU School of Law. Some of them were the pioneer batches of the law school. Whenever they spoke of their experience at their law school, they usually spoke about how their law school focused more on corporate law and the fact that their legal education was more [...]

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