The appeal of defending the accused…

Those close to me have always known me to be someone who would stand up for the underdog. Since I was in school, there would sometimes be a particular kid who would get picked on. I would usually feel for that kid. Try to get him included in the general group (I came from an [...]

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The beauty of an imperfect system

This semester has been a real struggle for me in terms of dealing with the modules in law school. I am finding criminal law extremely difficult. The modules gone by, constitutional law, the law of business organisations, torts, and contracts pale in comparison to the complexity of criminal law. I have two modules to clear [...]

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An afternoon at Boys’ Town…

This semester is truly a struggle for me. I am still getting to grips with understanding criminal law. During one Thursday's class, we went through a class referring to the Children and Young Persons Act 1993 (2020 Rev Ed) ("CYPA"). My lecturer, who happens to be an accomplished criminal lawyer, referred the class to a [...]

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The exams have ended!

Finally, the examinations are over! This is the first time I am taking examinations on campus. Since the pandemic, examinations were conducted off-site. i.e., you took them at home or somewhere you find convenient. I personally prefer to do my examinations on campus. I felt that doing the paper in the comfort of my home [...]

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The exams are upon us!

Once again, we've reached the end of classes as we know it. This semester has been rather hectic. I do think that overall, having two modules instead of four is a lot less hectic. That is not to say that I found this semester's modules easy. A heads up for those that will eventually move [...]

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My challenge with discipline

Most of the friends I've met know that I am a vegetarian. I do not eat meat. I still consume milk products and eggs but I have successfully omitted meat from my diet. It would seem rather normal now but my journey to vegetarianism was extremely challenging. Whenever someone asks for the reason as to [...]

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Is Santa Claus real?

In the midst of all the festive cheer, the golden question during Christmas will always remain... Is Santa Claus real? And no, this will not be the most difficult thing you have to tell your child. Kids are not that naive to think that a fat bearded man wearing a red suit could fly through [...]

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When we don’t hit 65….

At the beginning of this semester, we made a pact within the study group which essentially held all of us to the following: No one is to utter the notion of quitting no matter how tough it gets. Anyone who did not score above 65 for any TMA during the semester has to contribute at [...]

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