At the end of a very busy week…

Life in SUSS SOL is really very hectic. Not because of school work alone but a confluence of factors, mainly work-related. When I meet friends that are furthering their studies in the midst of their careers, I've always wondered how it would be like juggling studies and work. I can now attest that this is [...]

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Appetizers, and then some!

Today, Singapore celebrates its 56th birthday! Citizens rejoice for having an extended weekend. We working adults rejoice for having an extra day off work, to finish our TMAs. Semester 2 started weeks ago, and we are in the thick of TMA & PCQ action. If anything, Boot Camp in Semester 1 was merely an appetizer. [...]

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It actually gets enjoyable after a while…

The first semester actually went by in a flash. There were three things that I had to get used to and I think this would come in handy for future batches coming into SUSS School of Law. Always remember that you're a student You are no longer the boss you may be at your workplace. [...]

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My experience applying to SUSS School of Law

Looking back on the process of applying to SUSS School of Law ("SOL"), I think it will be helpful to share about my personal experience. Our SOL is really diverse. It is made up of people from all walks of life with different experiences and from different disciplines. Consequently, the age range of the students [...]

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Observations by a ‘Kkondae’ Intern

During this term break, I had the good fortune of spending two months as an intern in a law firm. It was a glimpse into the possible future and an eye-opener to the real work behind the 'glamour' of being a lawyer. Firstly, please forget what you binge-watched on Netflix, whether it was Suits or [...]

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Does an aquittal equate to innocence?

Not many of my friends know that I am pursuing a law degree. This may come as a surprise as I blog and am starting to create videos about my life as a mid-career law student. Thus at times, I get to sit down and chat with some people and get to know their thoughts [...]

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Young Enough, Good Enough

Recently, I came across a LinkedIn article on the 'Imposter' syndrome.  In essence, it is the feeling that you are a fake at what you do and you fear being called out for being an imposter. This syndrome plagues everyone including some of us who are pursuing this law degree, perhaps past our prime. I, [...]

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Perhaps now it's an appropriate time to share how came about. I am a fledgling law student in a fledgling law school. I turn 40 this year and my last experience as an undergraduate some 19 years ago is already a distant memory. My main regret was that I did not take many photos [...]

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An apology without change is just manipulation

Saw this on Twitter awhile back, gave me a good chuckle! Semester 1 down, many more to go! Watching "Law School" while actually in law school was interesting. Being a drama series, its natural for scenes and scenarios to be exaggerated. Later episodes of the drama brought up a sensitive but important issue – sexual [...]

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