Change in Thinking?

It's 1.30am and I'm still looking at my TMA, which is due this coming weekend. Life hasn't been the same since law school started. Gone are the days where i can stay till up late watching movies, playing games (T_T total war series, goodbye!) or waking up at 4am to watch football. To be honest, [...]

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The world of PCQs and TMAs: Studenthack#1

  We are midway through our 3rd module and starting on the 4th. Weekly PCQs (pre-class quizzes) and TMAs (tutor-marked assignments) fill our schedules besides attending weekly 3-hour seminars for each module.It is easy to underrate them, particularly the PCQs, because they are not exams. But here is the catch: THEY ALL COUNT [...]

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How I spent Good Friday in 2021

A year ago, Singapore was in lockdown, churches were not open and I attended mass via live stream. Little did I know that virtual meetings and lessons were going to play a huge part in my life moving forward. Easter weekend in 2020 was a weird affair due to the pandemic. What a relief that [...]

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Taking the First Steps

It has been a week since the end of bootcamp. Two words to describe my experience in the four weeks, overwhelming yet humbling. I was never the most intelligent or fastest learner. I'm also a 'history' person and law was something unfamiliar to me. I would never think, in my wildest dream, that I would be [...]

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Unlearn. Relearn. Apply. Repeat.

"Who taught you how to breathe?"This was the first question we were asked on our very first day at SUSS Law bootcamp. Unsurprisingly, no one could really answer it. It made me stop to think. Clearly, breathing is something we do so unconsciously that we do not actually think about it at all (unless if [...]

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The end of boot camp, the start of our humble blog

I have the distinguished honour of publishing the first post on hopefully what will become a successful blog. was an idea conceived together with two of my coursemates, Wendy and Kunhe. Let me put things into perspective. I am one of the extremely fortunate ones to have gotten a place in the 2021 intake [...]

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