The CJ’s Cup 2024. The SUSS School of Law football team’s journey…

Let us first define what is a team. A team is a group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal. This is our common goal. The CJ's Cup. It has been the SUSS School of Law football team's desire for the past two years. Let me give you some context as to what [...]

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Law Fraternity Games 2024 (3rd and 4th February)

Call me crazy but I took part in touch rugby, football and badminton for this year's edition of the Law Fraternity Games. Call me competitive but I was genuinely there to win. I really wanted to. However, SUSS lost in all 3 sports. We are dead last out of the four organisations/ schools. The other [...]

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The final year! Finally!

Feels like just yesterday when I entered the SUSS School of Law as a year 1. Affectionately we were called "1Ls". More appropriately labeled law school newbies. It just turned 2024 about two hours ago and barring anything unforseen, this is going to be my final year in law school. I never had any senior [...]

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The death penalty…

The death penalty has always intrigued me. The notion that a man's life can be taken away because he committed an offence is something that needs constant discussion and review. The reason for my statement is that the finality of this punishment means that if a wrong judgement is reached and the death penalty is [...]

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This new format is so much better

There is a new format in terms of assignments for our law school. In the past, it used to be 5 assignments for each module with 3 quizzes. These 5 assignments usually had a deadline of 2 weeks. The assignment would be released on a Monday and would be due the following Sunday. I always [...]

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A lesson in empathy

Adults seem to think that we need to teach everything to our children. Not only do we need to teach them how to study, we need to teach them how to become better people. I have heard from many of my friends with children about how they teach children the right principles, how they correct [...]

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Almost there…

Time flies really quickly. It is a cliche line but I have to say it. It truly feels recent that I entered law school as a freshman. Just about two and a half years later, it feels like the finishing line is so very close. Apparently I have to look for a training contract but [...]

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