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Daryl is pursuing his Juris Doctor in Law at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. Other than his dreams of being called to the Singapore Bar, he hopes that he can become a professional football player (too old), a professional cyclist (too slow) and a professional gamer (too lousy). He will make peace with not achieving the latter three dreams so long as he gets his SUSS law degree and gets called to the Singapore Bar.

Nullum Crimen Nulla Poena Sine Lege

Nullum crimen nulla poena sine lege is a Latin phrase that translates to "no crime no penalty without law" This is a legal principle that for a crime to be made out and for punishments to be meted out for that crime, there has to be a law in place. This principle stems from the concept [...]

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At the end of a very busy week…

Life in SUSS SOL is really very hectic. Not because of school work alone but a confluence of factors, mainly work-related. When I meet friends that are furthering their studies in the midst of their careers, I've always wondered how it would be like juggling studies and work. I can now attest that this is [...]

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It actually gets enjoyable after a while…

The first semester actually went by in a flash. There were three things that I had to get used to and I think this would come in handy for future batches coming into SUSS School of Law. Always remember that you're a student You are no longer the boss you may be at your workplace. [...]

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Does an aquittal equate to innocence?

Not many of my friends know that I am pursuing a law degree. This may come as a surprise as I blog and am starting to create videos about my life as a mid-career law student. Thus at times, I get to sit down and chat with some people and get to know their thoughts [...]

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Perhaps now it's an appropriate time to share how JustFollowLaw.com came about. I am a fledgling law student in a fledgling law school. I turn 40 this year and my last experience as an undergraduate some 19 years ago is already a distant memory. My main regret was that I did not take many photos [...]

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The rights of an accused

The notion that someone is innocent until proven guilty is a term that is so widely used but when it comes to high profile cases where emotions run high, public perception, amplified by the use of social media platforms, can prejudge the accused. It is important to understand the rights of the individual and to [...]

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The Rule of Law in Singapore

In my research on the rule of law and the application of this doctrine in Singapore, I've stumbled upon some criticism, which I think are flawed, by parties who are dissatisfied with the current political situation. There are also videos purporting that Singapore's government abuses the rule of law. I personally feel that to conclusively [...]

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The curious case of Phoon Chiu Yoke

A viral video, and a few rather comical memes, has been circulating about a Phoon Chiu Yoke. She was filmed refusing to wear a face mask at Marina Bay Sand despite being told to do so by a safe distancing ambassador. Phoon did not explain why she felt that she did not have to wear [...]

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