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Daryl is pursuing his Juris Doctor in Law at the Singapore University of Social Sciences School of Law. Other than his dream of being called to the Singapore Bar, he hopes that he can become a professional football player (too old), a professional cyclist (too slow) and a professional gamer (too lousy). He will make peace with not achieving the latter three dreams so long as he gets his SUSS law degree and gets called to the Singapore Bar.

What is family violence?

For the first time in my journey as a law student, I've come across something in the statute that I genuinely believe should not exist. It is something that I feel strongly against and I believe that our statute should not have such a provision. In section 64 of the Women's Charter 1961 (Women's Charter), [...]

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The freedom to choose who we want to be

A lot has been said of the trainee lawyers who cheated in the Bar exams. Some of these comments would be that this was an extremely foolish thing to do. Many would ponder over the reasons why these individuals, who were intelligent enough to undergo and complete formal legal education, could not assess the inherent [...]

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Halfway through! Halfway broke?

I am finally halfway through my legal education journey! It felt like yesterday that I was going through my introductory modules in law school. For those who are about to enter our beloved SUSS law school, we term the first two modules boot camp. One of the considerations when considering a legal education would be [...]

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Adios to the toughest semester… so far…

I truly wanted to be good at criminal law. I think my interest in criminal law was stoked in boot camp. Boot camp was the first two introductory modules that we would take as freshmen in the SUSS School of Law. It was four full Saturdays where we went through intense introductory and preparatory lessons. [...]

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The appeal of defending the accused…

Those close to me have always known me to be someone who would stand up for the underdog. Since I was in school, there would sometimes be a particular kid who would get picked on. I would usually feel for that kid. Try to get him included in the general group (I came from an [...]

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The beauty of an imperfect system

This semester has been a real struggle for me in terms of dealing with the modules in law school. I am finding criminal law extremely difficult. The modules gone by, constitutional law, the law of business organisations, torts, and contracts pale in comparison to the complexity of criminal law. I have two modules to clear [...]

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An afternoon at Boys’ Town…

This semester is truly a struggle for me. I am still getting to grips with understanding criminal law. During one Thursday's class, we went through a class referring to the Children and Young Persons Act 1993 (2020 Rev Ed) ("CYPA"). My lecturer, who happens to be an accomplished criminal lawyer, referred the class to a [...]

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How I would structure a legal argument on defamation

In this instance, let us take the simplistic view that a defendant posted alleged defamatory statements about the plaintiff on Facebook. This hypothetical situation would aid me in structuring my legal argument.   Identifying the impugned statement First, we will need to identify the impugned statement. For example, as the impugned statement is a Facebook [...]

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The exams have ended!

Finally, the examinations are over! This is the first time I am taking examinations on campus. Since the pandemic, examinations were conducted off-site. i.e., you took them at home or somewhere you find convenient. I personally prefer to do my examinations on campus. I felt that doing the paper in the comfort of my home [...]

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The exams are upon us!

Once again, we've reached the end of classes as we know it. This semester has been rather hectic. I do think that overall, having two modules instead of four is a lot less hectic. That is not to say that I found this semester's modules easy. A heads up for those that will eventually move [...]

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