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Daryl is pursuing his Juris Doctor in Law at the Singapore University of Social Sciences School of Law. Other than his dream of being called to the Singapore Bar, he hopes that he can become a professional football player (too old), a professional cyclist (too slow) and a professional gamer (too lousy). He will make peace with not achieving the latter three dreams so long as he gets his SUSS law degree and gets called to the Singapore Bar.

An afternoon at Boys’ Town…

This semester is truly a struggle for me. I am still getting to grips with understanding criminal law. During one Thursday's class, we went through a class referring to the Children and Young Persons Act 1993 (2020 Rev Ed) ("CYPA"). My lecturer, who happens to be an accomplished criminal lawyer, referred the class to a [...]

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How I would structure a legal argument on defamation

In this instance, let us take the simplistic view that a defendant posted alleged defamatory statements about the plaintiff on Facebook. This hypothetical situation would aid me in structuring my legal argument.   Identifying the impugned statement First, we will need to identify the impugned statement. For example, as the impugned statement is a Facebook [...]

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The exams have ended!

Finally, the examinations are over! This is the first time I am taking examinations on campus. Since the pandemic, examinations were conducted off-site. i.e., you took them at home or somewhere you find convenient. I personally prefer to do my examinations on campus. I felt that doing the paper in the comfort of my home [...]

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The exams are upon us!

Once again, we've reached the end of classes as we know it. This semester has been rather hectic. I do think that overall, having two modules instead of four is a lot less hectic. That is not to say that I found this semester's modules easy. A heads up for those that will eventually move [...]

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The doctrine of double actionability

In my torts course this semester, I came across the case of Kuwait Airways Corp v Iraqi Airways Co [2002] AC 883 ("Kuwait Airways"). It was a case whereby the plaintiff, Kuwait Airways Corp (KAC), was suing the defendant, Iraqi Airways Co (IAC) in tort. KAC succeeded in making out the case that KAC had converted [...]

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Res Ipsa Loquitur

Res ipsa loquitur is Latin for "the thing speaks for itself". Directly translated, it reads "the thing itself speaks". In tort law, the four elements that make out negligence are Duty of care Breach of that duty Causation Damages Res ipsa loquitur is a legal doctrine that allows for negligent behaviour to be proven on [...]

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Evidential Burden

Evidential burden is the obligation to produce evidence to properly support an issue. If the evidential burden is not satisfied, that issue cannot stand during a trial. Evidential burden is different from legal burden. For example, in a murder trial, if the defendant were to plead self-defence, he would have to satisfy the evidential burden [...]

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Novus actus interveniens

Novus actus interveniens is Latin for a new intervening act. In a tortious claim, novus actus interveniens is the intervening act that serves to break the legal connection between the defendant's action and the harm suffered by the plaintiff. For example, if a defendant was negligent while driving his vehicle and had caused a collision [...]

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