I am down to my very last semester in SUSS School of Law. It felt so recent that I entered this law school and now I am about to finish my journey. The four years in law school did seem very much shorter than the years I spent completing my first degree. I am going to really miss this place when I finally graduate.

Next semester I will be doing my Legal Clerkship Programme (LCP) as well as mediation advocacy. I believe mediation advocacy will be conducted over three weekends and the LCP will be at the courts and law firms. Therefore, I will not have lesson on campus on a weekday anymore. If you are my junior, please note that if you are doing your Juris Doctor, year 4 is going to feel weird. It is much lighter than the previous three years. Year 3, in my opinion, was already a lot less hectic as compared to year 1 and 2 but perhaps that may just be because we are getting familiar with reading the law.

For the semester that just passed, one of the modules, Wills, Probate and Administration, was one of the most interesting and one of my favourite modules. Perhaps because it is so relevant and it is always interesting to read of cases where people argue over inheritances. Perhaps it really is true that money does break up a family.

As for the other module, Trial Advocacy, I truly wanted to appreciate the module. I wanted to be able to put in more effort in learning about how to perform an examination-in-chief (EIC) and a cross examination. The bulk of the marks, 45 per cent to be exact, was centred on us being able to do an EIC and cross examination in 4 minutes. While I enjoyed the class, it just felt weird to me that all this while I was never graded on class participation (save for boot camp, the first 2 modules when we first entered law school), but then two 4-minute performances would decide 45 per cent of my grade for this module. I just felt weird about the module. I cannot put my finger on why that is so.

Well the examinations are over. It is again time to put all the study units and textbooks aside and to start focusing on work and spending more time with family. Oh and to game more on the Playstation 5.

As always, it is customary for some of us to have Haidilao after the examinations.

Lester seemed very sleepy. Perhaps it is because it was close to midnight. We all stayed out till past 3am despite the very next day being a work week. Oh I still managed to reach my office by about 1015 am. This is the second last post examinations meal with my close buddies. As I journey through law school, I am finding such memories of times with my classmates getting even more valuable.

Oh yes, this Saturday morning the football team is going to represent the school at the annual Chief Justice Cup at the Futsal pitches at Kovan. Do drop by to support the team. I have been part of many sports teams. The SUSS School of Law football team is one of the closest bunch of teammates I have had. Taking into account that just about all of us have full time work and families, it is remarkable that the team is this close. I do hope that we can put on a good show during the tournament.

Presenting… the team!

The comaraderie is strong. Let’s put on a good show this Saturday!

Coming to SUSS School of Law should not just be about clearing 3.5 CGPA. Well, that should be the priority but then there is a possibility of having a normal campus life as an undergraduate.

Is it weird that I am actually looking forward to the CJ Cup more than the end of exams?


Yours sincerely,