I believe someone tried to say that our beloved law school is not as good as some other law school. So many of my classmates have been asking me how I feel about this. I honestly do not know. I didn’t see the post as I have not logged into my Facebook account for some time. I fell below my personally set standards in terms of my grades for my Torts assignment so I was focused on what went wrong.

My response to the comment (which I still have yet to see in person. Oh gosh! Is this hearsay?)


I’ve always had people put where I come from in the shade.

To my fellow SUSS School of Law students, let’s focus on the exams… it’s around the corner.

To the person who passed the weird, unsubstantiated comment, perhaps you should get a life or a hobby.

Might I introduce you to shadowboxing perhaps?

Here is a nice introduction video.