It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a two weeks, serving my reservist duties while having TMAs due on both Sundays. I’m immensely grateful for community-powered Zoom sessions and late-night chats to push through.

Maybe it’s because of last semester’s social work module, or maybe it’s because of this semester’s ethics module, but this cycle reminded me of how unwanted cultures of abuse and bullying persist, even within my own reservist batch, 6 years after ORD.

But I did not expect to bring home this unpleasant warning (along with daily paranoia), when two positive cases were detected in camp:

I found measures taken for both cases though, lacking. If someone tested positive on Sunday book-in, shouldn’t he be sent home? Instead, he was quarantined in a bunk located closest to the area with highest human traffic – the lift.

Before Friday out-pro, my bunkmate tested positive and rightfully booked out first in a Grab SHN. His fellow bunkmates (myself included), wiped down our bunk with Dettol sanitizer sprays. Would have a pre-appointed external cleaning contractor provided more professional sanitizing?

I do understand we have come to a stage where “everyone will eventually contract COVID”, but surely there could be better processes to safeguard personnel and their families.