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Yes, I share the same name as the famous Hong Kong singer. I cannot dance to save my life, but have honed my singing skills in the shower to an acceptable level. Currently in the construction consultancy field, on my quest to obtain my SUSS Law degree and eventually, the Singapore Bar.

Reservist (feat. COVID)

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a two weeks, serving my reservist duties while having TMAs due on both Sundays. I’m immensely grateful for community-powered Zoom sessions and late-night chats to push through. Maybe it’s because of last semester’s social work module, or maybe it’s because of this semester’s ethics module, but this cycle reminded [...]

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Appetizers, and then some!

Today, Singapore celebrates its 56th birthday! Citizens rejoice for having an extended weekend. We working adults rejoice for having an extra day off work, to finish our TMAs. Semester 2 started weeks ago, and we are in the thick of TMA & PCQ action. If anything, Boot Camp in Semester 1 was merely an appetizer. [...]

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An apology without change is just manipulation

Saw this on Twitter awhile back, gave me a good chuckle! Semester 1 down, many more to go! Watching "Law School" while actually in law school was interesting. Being a drama series, its natural for scenes and scenarios to be exaggerated. Later episodes of the drama brought up a sensitive but important issue – sexual [...]

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Now, did I get your attention to read more? Excellent click-bait, was it not? One semester in, I have noticed there are a few types of students when it comes to TMA results. I shall not check my scores, I shall only check at the end of the module to avoid disappointment and depression I [...]

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