In the end, it was none. Or was it, a trick question? My study group mates would probably chuckle, given we plowed through LawNet attempting to spot cases, but in vain.

A senior cautioned this semester was going to be the toughest, and boy was he right. Four vastly differing modules. Two months of PCQs and TMAs demanded consistency. Two weeks of examinations called for utmost focus and drawing on whatever we had left. It didn’t really sink in, even as I went out to get a haircut to avoid looking like a caveman. Only until the Vice-Dean’s email came in that I realized, it’s really over (for now).


To the 1L freshies, a warm welcome! As a working adult, you just don’t have enough time. Plan well, study smart, review diligently. Every classmate brings their own unique life experiences. Learn to absorb and appreciate.

Expect differing views. If not, how you do have prosecutors and defence lawyers? Differing or not, learn to back up what you say and contribute constructively to discussions. “They said, he said, she said” doesn’t cut it anymore.


My fellow batchmates, onwards to 22nd December! But before that, rest, relax, & recharge. We deserve that much, and so do your loved ones!