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Daryl is pursuing his Juris Doctor in Law at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. Other than his dreams of being called to the Singapore Bar, he hopes that he can become a professional football player (too old), a professional cyclist (too slow) and a professional gamer (too lousy). He will make peace with not achieving the latter three dreams so long as he gets his SUSS law degree and gets called to the Singapore Bar.

Noscitur A Sociis

Noscitur A Sociis means "it is known by its associates" The meaning of ambiguous words should be determined by considering the words it is associated with.   For example: This bridge is off-limits to motorcycles, cars, buses and lorries. motorcycles, buses and lorries suggest that the bridge is off-limits to vehicles that have motorised engines. [...]

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How I spent Good Friday in 2021

A year ago, Singapore was in lockdown, churches were not open and I attended mass via live stream. Little did I know that virtual meetings and lessons were going to play a huge part in my life moving forward. Easter weekend in 2020 was a weird affair due to the pandemic. What a relief that [...]

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Ejusdem Generis

Ejusdem Generis means "of the same kind or nature" There should be a catch all phrase like "... or any other..." This general catch all phrase only applies to items with the common trait or denominator.   For example: Car, bus, lorry or any other vehicle. In this case the common traits are vehicles with [...]

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Daryl’s case review of Collins v Wilcock [1984] 1 WLR 1172

The appellant, Alexis Collins (Collins), and another woman, a known prostitute, were seen by police officers soliciting men on the street. One of the police officers, Tracey Wilcock (Wilcock), approached Collins to try to speak to her but Collins walked away. The Wilcock swore at Collins when Collins persisted. Wilcock took hold of Collins's arm [...]

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Daryl’s case review of SBS Transit Ltd v Stafford Rosemary Anne Jane [2007] SGCA 7

An SBS Transit bus collided into a motorcycle at the intersection of Clementi Road and Commonwealth Avenue West. The SBS bus was making a right turn while the motorcycle was proceeding straight. The front right bumper collided into the middle of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist (the husband of the respondent) died from the accident.   [...]

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Precedent, Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta

Precedent The doctrine of precedent states that a court has to follow legal rules set in earlier cases when deciding cases. Judges make legal rules when deciding cases. Judges can only make laws when cases are brought before them. This is where the term 'judge made law' came from. A judge cannot make laws just [...]

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Daryl’s retry of TMA03 for LAW203

This TMA was initially given on the 27th of February 2021. Many of us 1Ls, including myself, got this totally wrong. Here is my 2nd attempt at the TMA.   In this assignment, you are expected to assemble and employ your resources for research, analyse the gathered materials and finally discuss and present your arguments [...]

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