Life in SUSS SOL is really very hectic. Not because of school work alone but a confluence of factors, mainly work-related. When I meet friends that are furthering their studies in the midst of their careers, I’ve always wondered how it would be like juggling studies and work. I can now attest that this is extremely difficult. The thing that makes life a lot easier while pursuing a degree in law is friendly coursemates as well as actually enjoying the process of studying cases.

So the past few weeks have been extremely hectic. A typical day of mine would be something like this for me…

730 am to 845 am: Exercise

930 am to 630 pm (if I am lucky): Work

7 pm to 1030 pm: Online classes and dinner during classes (Mondays and Tuesday for this portion of this semester) or dinner with the family and perhaps some family time with my daughter if I can leave the office and work behind

1030 pm to 1230 pm: Discussions on Zoom or catch up on readings

Once in a while, I’ll get to catch up with some of my fellow classmates and it is really interesting to hear about their thoughts on the latest assignments and how they are coping at work and with their families. If there is one thing that is distinctly different when it comes to a typical student from SUSS SOL as compared to the other two law schools in Singapore it is the fact that many of the students in SUSS SOL are coping on multiple fronts. Work, family, studies. Some of us are handling multiple companies, businesses and in management dealing with staffing matters. There are countless incidents where I had to decide whether to refine my assignment or handle a matter at work. The usual remedy would actually be to take time out of the time to sleep.

So cue my first dining-in experience since I achieved fully vaccinated status with my fellow classmate Wilson. He is perhaps one of the many who I can safely say can understand what it is like to be eternally occupied. Time is perhaps the rarest commodity for both him and me and yet we still find the time to catch up once in a while.

This was breakfast last Friday. The topic of our conversation centred on how we would make our case for the latest assignment. How typical…

Breakfast with Wilson

Breakfast with Wilson

Looking good Wilson… Always looking forward to all our discussions.

Oh and sometimes SUSS SOL coursemates impromptu study groups do include children.



Yours sincerely,