Today, Singapore celebrates its 56th birthday! Citizens rejoice for having an extended weekend. We working adults rejoice for having an extra day off work, to finish our TMAs.

Semester 2 started weeks ago, and we are in the thick of TMA & PCQ action. If anything, Boot Camp in Semester 1 was merely an appetizer. We have TMAs due every Sunday now, compared to bi-weekly in Sem 1. Some of us have probably even realized that if we barely scraped through Sem 1, there is much catching up to do now.

Through recent group discussions, and we see varying thought processes and eventual conclusions. The most important question we ask is “Where did you get this from?”. If your reply is along the lines of, “I think” or “I feel”, your answer just does not cut it. You need to back up what you say, especially in your assignments.

That said, do not be afraid to stand by your answer, if you can back it up (correctly of course). If you concur with what a classmate has shared, do not blindly follow assuming he/she is always correct. Read the statutes & cases for yourself and form your own structure.

This has helped us countless times – identifying certain keywords in statutes that completely changed our interpretation, clarifying when a referenced case did not make sense to apply to the current factual matrix.

Here’s to a safe relaxation of measures come tomorrow & F2F classes! (one can dream big).