Nullum Crimen Nulla Poena Sine Lege

Nullum crimen nulla poena sine lege is a Latin phrase that translates to "no crime no penalty without law" This is a legal principle that for a crime to be made out and for punishments to be meted out for that crime, there has to be a law in place. This principle stems from the concept [...]

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The Rule of Law in Singapore

In my research on the rule of law and the application of this doctrine in Singapore, I've stumbled upon some criticism, which I think are flawed, by parties who are dissatisfied with the current political situation. There are also videos purporting that Singapore's government abuses the rule of law. I personally feel that to conclusively [...]

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Noscitur A Sociis

Noscitur A Sociis means "it is known by its associates" The meaning of ambiguous words should be determined by considering the words it is associated with.   For example: This bridge is off-limits to motorcycles, cars, buses and lorries. motorcycles, buses and lorries suggest that the bridge is off-limits to vehicles that have motorised engines. [...]

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Ejusdem Generis

Ejusdem Generis means "of the same kind or nature" There should be a catch all phrase like "... or any other..." This general catch all phrase only applies to items with the common trait or denominator.   For example: Car, bus, lorry or any other vehicle. In this case the common traits are vehicles with [...]

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History of Singapore Legal System, Part I

Onto our favourite(?) topic of all law students - the history of Singapore's legal system. As history is always, long and boring, the WHOLE history will be broken down into several parts. In Part I, it will touch briefly on the founding of Singapore till the Japanese Occupation.   Raffles and Birth of Singapore Early [...]

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What would our world be like without the rule of law?

Actually we can already see this in some countries, most recently, our ASEAN neighbour. Instead, the troubled country is ruled by law, created by the military government.It may seem like mere wordplay but the placement of the key words 'rule' and 'law' with different prepositions lead to very different concepts. Let us examine the difference [...]

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Precedent, Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta

Precedent The doctrine of precedent states that a court has to follow legal rules set in earlier cases when deciding cases. Judges make legal rules when deciding cases. Judges can only make laws when cases are brought before them. This is where the term 'judge made law' came from. A judge cannot make laws just [...]

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