Dear guest blogger,

We are pleased to have you onboard our platform. As SUSS School of Law students, the main purpose of our blog is to share with prospective students as well as the rest of Singapore’s legal fraternity how our beloved law school is like. However, as we started blogging, we added discussions about cases as well as legal concepts to our humble blog. To stay in line with our blog’s purpose, here are some posting guidelines when posting as a guest blogger.


  1. Write about life in SUSS. Especially law school. You can and should share personal anecdotes.
  2. Write reviews about past cases. Especially those that are from the Singapore Law Reports.
  3. Discuss legal concepts and how they apply to cases or why are they important in the present context.


  1. Discuss present matters that are still before the courts or where judgement has yet to be passed.
  2. Write about another institution, group of people or individual in a negative light. (For example, writing why our law school is better than other law schools. We can accept that we are different and differences can be discussed. However, we should never pass comments that will place other institutions, groups of people or individuals in a negative light.
  3. Use this blog platform to vent your frustration about your unhappiness with a grade you received or the system within our law school. Such unhappiness should be addressed through the appropriate channel.
  4. Use profanities or derogatory terms in your posts.
  5. Use this blog platform to create backlinks to promote another website.

The editorial committee of Just Follow Law reserves the right to remove any post which we deem to be not in line with the general direction of the blog. We also reserve the right to add on to the posting guidelines and all guest bloggers will have to adhere to the updated posting guidelines for all future posts as well as ensure that previous posts are also in line with the updated posting guidelines.

The login page, user ID and Password will be emailed to you. Please post your posts under the category “Guest Posts”. Do run the post through at least the spelling and grammar check on Microsoft Word and/or Grammarly before posting. You may also update your bio and profile pic accordingly as this will be reflected at the bottom of your blog post.

If you have any queries, you may contact either Wendy at [email protected] or Daryl at [email protected].

Once again, thanks for joining us as a guest blogger. We are honoured to have you on board with us!

Yours sincerely,

The editorial committee of Just Follow Law