It’s 1.30am and I’m still looking at my TMA, which is due this coming weekend.

Life hasn’t been the same since law school started. Gone are the days where i can stay till up late watching movies, playing games (T_T total war series, goodbye!) or waking up at 4am to watch football. To be honest, I have no regrets and ironically, I’m really enjoying it.

Before i get sidetracked blogging about my daily life, I want to make a short post about the changes I have observed in my thinking. To be honest, I was doubtful when our Dean and Vice-Dean mentioned that we will start to change the way we think, during our bootcamp. It’s funny to think that in about 2 months since school started, I’m starting to see the changes.

  1. My buddies here mentioned about our study group (I THINK????). The ME of 2 months ago, would probably just brush off if anyone gave a weird argument, or just roll my eyes. Now, I find myself starting to ask “WHY DOES YOUR ARGUMENT GO LIKE THIS?” I guess I’m starting to respect people’s view instead of rudely brushing them off and instead, i will keep asking “why” until I cannot ask anymore whys. It’s annoying to non-lawyers (no insult here), but it seems like a normal thing for our discussions and I love it even when I’m on the receiving end of it. It actually helped me to formulate my thinking, to keep my biasness away.
  2. I speak more with premise, instead of just giving a concluding comment with no evidence. As our Dean and Vice-Dean mentioned, your “opinion” must be backed up by facts!
  3. I’m also seeing this in my classmates. When I first knew them, they sounded just like a normal person. Now, I can see the lawyer traits in them. A simple new article can have a comment of “haha this is irrelevant”. We pick out the relevant and irrelevant points to scrutinise. Honestly, these good men and women, are the ones that I can see myself grinding through the 4 years with, and graduating with them. Eventually, keeping our lifelong friendship when we practice law.
  4. I know that the 4 weeks of bootcamp doesn’t “graduate” us as lawyers. But, it really helped in tuning our thinking to law. The process is slow, it is not immediate. That is why I’m not in favour of thinking I’m actually a “lawyer” now. There is much more to learn, much more of tuning to the thinking of law. It is not a done deal yet. When you think that getting into a law school would mean that u are of lawyer calibre, you have mistaken greatly. Sometimes, it’s all about staying humble, keeping your heads down to grind and not to overestimate oneself.

These are just some random thoughts at this late night (along with my daily intake of alcohol of 80mg BAC). I hope these few points gave some coherent insights to changes I see in myself and my friends. Before more gibberish comes out, I’ll end the post with a quote,