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Accountant by academic qualifications, digital marketer by profession. Making the final switch (some say leap) to the legal field - bucket list checked.

The world of PCQs and TMAs: Studenthack#1

  We are midway through our 3rd module and starting on the 4th. Weekly PCQs (pre-class quizzes) and TMAs (tutor-marked assignments) fill our schedules besides attending weekly 3-hour seminars for each module.It is easy to underrate them, particularly the PCQs, because they are not exams. But here is the catch: THEY ALL COUNT [...]

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What would our world be like without the rule of law?

Actually we can already see this in some countries, most recently, our ASEAN neighbour. Instead, the troubled country is ruled by law, created by the military government.It may seem like mere wordplay but the placement of the key words 'rule' and 'law' with different prepositions lead to very different concepts. Let us examine the difference [...]

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Unlearn. Relearn. Apply. Repeat.

"Who taught you how to breathe?"This was the first question we were asked on our very first day at SUSS Law bootcamp. Unsurprisingly, no one could really answer it. It made me stop to think. Clearly, breathing is something we do so unconsciously that we do not actually think about it at all (unless if [...]

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