About Kunhe Lin

Kunhe’s first love was Egyptology where he spent one of the best 2 years of his life roaming the desert in Egypt, visiting musty ancient tombs and learning about the ancient Egyptian kingdoms. But as they say, you rarely marry your first love. So these days, Kunhe is channeling his love for digging into all things old and musty, into tracing case precedents and reading law reports in air-conditioned comfort. Not as old, but just as satisfying. 

Change in Thinking?

It's 1.30am and I'm still looking at my TMA, which is due this coming weekend. Life hasn't been the same since law school started. Gone are the days where i can stay till up late watching movies, playing games (T_T total war series, goodbye!) or waking up at 4am to watch football. To be honest, [...]

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History of Singapore Legal System, Part I

Onto our favourite(?) topic of all law students - the history of Singapore's legal system. As history is always, long and boring, the WHOLE history will be broken down into several parts. In Part I, it will touch briefly on the founding of Singapore till the Japanese Occupation.   Raffles and Birth of Singapore Early [...]

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Taking the First Steps

It has been a week since the end of bootcamp. Two words to describe my experience in the four weeks, overwhelming yet humbling. I was never the most intelligent or fastest learner. I'm also a 'history' person and law was something unfamiliar to me. I would never think, in my wildest dream, that I would be [...]

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